How Do I Pay?

Ebay requires payment via Paypal, so we must offer that. There is a cost to us accepting Paypal that has been built into the shipping and handling fees.

You may choose to pay us by money order or via online/email payments. They are accepted as well, but cannot be listed on Ebay as accepted methods of payment.

All payments must be made in U.S. dollars. If using a US Money Order, you can purchase a Money Order at a number of places: The US Postal Service; your local bank; Western Union; 7-11; American Express; and more. Please note that if you purchase a money order at the US Postal Service, you MUST request an “International” money order (regular postal money orders are not cashable outside the US). If you are purchasing a money order ANYWHERE else, the normal ones they give out are fine (no need for a special international one).

Why don't you accept cheques?

They take too long to clear our bank in Canada before we could safely ship something.

What type of Shipping do you offer?

Most listings will show the shipping and handling costs for sending items to the US from Canada by regular surface mail. In addition, you may choose to have something sent by airmail for additional fees shown on the auction.
Normally, for items under 1kg, we show the correct surface and airmail costs as they are flat costs offered by Canada Post. Only when a package is larger than 1kg do costs rise up a lot.
Larger packages (weighing in more than 1kg) must be sent by Canada Post “Expedited” mail. That does not mean faster service, it is a different way of saying surface mail for large packages. Normally larger packages only offer “courier” as the next fastest way to ship.

What about shipping costs within Canada?

Surprisingly, it can cost more to send a package across the Province in Ontario than it does to send to Hawaii! Therefore, the costs for Canada shipping are ESTIMATED and must be finalized with the buyers final address confirmed. This can sometimes jump the estimated cost up substantially, but be warned, we will only ship when paid the correct amount.

What about shipping costs internationally around the world?

We have sent hundreds of packages around the world and welcome International buyers. As with Canadian shipping, the costs for International shipping are ESTIMATED and must be finalized with the purchasers final country in mind.

WARNING: Surface shipping internationally can take up to 2 months, so if you are in a rush for the item, you need to pay for the AIRMAIL option – which is usually double the cost of surface mail. Please keep this in mind when buying a $5 item – it will likely take you 2 months to see it as you won’t want to pay $15 to ship it!

How often do you ship packages?

We guarantee shipping merchandise every weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Most of our auctions end on Sundays. This allows us time to 3-5 days to invoice you, pack up the items and get them ready for shipping. If we can get to the post office in the middle of the week we will, but we guarantee it will be sent on the weekend.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS WHEN YOU PAY US ON A SUNDAY NIGHT! We are constantly getting asked on 4 days later “where is my package – I paid Sunday” and we haven’t even shipped it yet!

Remember this so that even if your payment arrives on a Monday, we will package it up and send it on the following weekend. Again, we will try to get to the Post Office earlier in the week but it cannot be guaranteed.

How do you send stuff?

All shipping costs quoted on EBay are based on having the item shipped via regular mail through Canada Post. Air mail, insurance, and registration are extra and charges for these can be provided should you request it. One thing to note -- when mail crosses the border, it becomes the responsibility of the US Postal Service.

Canada Post does not offer tracking number for regular sent surface or airmail. Only for Expresspost (which costs 2-3 times normal shipping).

If you’d like to have your item shipped via Courier, we can provide quotes from the various courier companies. Keep in mind, though, that because packages cross the border, there will be a customs brokerage fee and quite possibly a handling charge levied by the courier company.

How long does it take for stuff to arrive?

Using regular mail, shipping takes on average 10-15 business days to arrive at its destination. Sometimes it can take less, sometimes more. Airmail or Expedited can take 5-10 days. (REMEMBER it has to cross the border!).

We have had packages arrive in 2 days and in 20, but the average is about 8 days.

Do you have references?

We have been on Ebay for over 14 years, sold thousands of items and have nearly 2,000 positive feedbacks at this time. We have tons of references and have been selling over the Internet and through appearances at Toy and Barbie shows for over 10 years. We can provide many references on request.

What if I don't pay for the item I've won?

We are patient, but unfortunately a few people have taken advantage of this in the past so we are now more strict with paying within a close time frame from date of purchase. If we have no received money from you at one week, we will send you reminder invoice. If at that point we have not received money by one week later, then we file a complaint with Ebay letting them know you have become a “Non-Payer”. You have one more chance from Ebay to pay us in full within one week or we will close the file, you will have a STRIKE put on your record by Ebay and your item will be relisted for re-sale.

We reserve the right to forward non-paying names on to any other dealers to let them know that you do not complete transactions.